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IamAfropreneur is an entrepreneurial online platform developed for the stimulation and networking of African would-be and already-made entrepreneurs. Taking ideas and transforming them into sustainable start-ups and companies in Africa.

Iamafropreneur is a movement concern with accelerating the process of integration in the continent of Africa amongst startups and entrepreneurs to enable them to play their rightful role in the global economic development of their communities and Africa at large while addressing multifaceted social, economic and political problems compounded as they are by certain
negative aspects of globalization.

Our mission remains; to coordinate and intensify development in Africa through Entrepreneurship, Innovation, startups exposure with the use of Tech evolution. We want to Educate and Transform minds in Africa through this platform.

Our objective; We are on a mission to Inspire, Educate and Transform Africans to become innovators, Inventors and Entrepreneurs not just for better thinking, but for a better life.

The future of Africa depends on its young people. This is where Iamafropreneur seeks to instill the spirit of entrepreneurship and
responsibility. Encouraging African youths to see great opportunities in Africa rather than in Europe and as well as instill a desire to remain persistent in their dreams.

We seek to focus and be influential in those areas that innovation can improve your quality of life e.g. banking, agriculture, ICT, beauty, health, technology, education, finance, etc. We will bring to you top inspirational success stories from Africa’s top Entrepreneurs.

We place ourselves in a position to provide relevant information, knowledge, and facts that will fertilize ideas from start to an income generating point and how to maintain it.