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Passion – The Driver of Disruptive Innovation



passion for disruptive innovation

Passion is the main driver of disruptive innovation.

Ever since Clayton Christensen introduced the concept of disruptive innovation in his groundbreaking book, The Innovator’s Dilemma the term “disruption” has become the buzzword of choice.  Unfortunately, it has also become dangerously misunderstood.
One of the more popular phrases entrepreneurs search for on Google is “how to disrupt an industry.” They’ve become so influenced by marketplace companies and unicorns like Airbnb and Lyft that they no longer want to insert themselves among the competition. They look to shake up the traditional way of doing things and change people’s buying habits and preferences.

Disrupting an industry or driving real change starts with believing in yourself and your ability to make it happen. You have to love what you do. It’s hard to succeed at anything if you’re not passionate about it. Many people become jaded in their careers because they stop believing that they can make a difference. A doctor who has grown a calloused heart because he doesn’t believe in the treatment he provides or a teacher who stops believing she can inspire the next generation are two great examples of that. Success comes from failing many times until you find another way.

People throw the word passion around too easily. Many a corporate job description is to blame for this. “Must be passionate about hitting targets” or “passionate about paying attention to detail.” They’ve poured water on the flames of our real passions by asking us to take something we’re good at, or even like doing, and call it a “passion.” And there’s a world of difference between enjoying something and being passionate about it.

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In this article, i will not talk about my experience or the theory of motivation. i will like to share the experience of a marketer – David Abehsera the President and Co-founding Partner at The Woo who is also a member at Forbes council. His experience will give us a better and deeper insight of what passion can bring out.

As a marketer, change starts with a real understanding of your brand. Let’s say, for example, that an outdated brand comes to you in hopes of reinventing itself, trying to appeal more broadly to a younger audience. Before you jump into a full redesign with trendy iconography and witty communication touchpoints, it’s important to know the brand, understand its mission and identify one product or service that appeals most to the new demographic’s lifestyle or mindset.

The most successful clients I’ve worked with are renegades, passionate about their brand and never satisfied with the status quo. They believe that things need to change and say things like, “I don’t plan to hide in the corner and collect a paycheck; I plan to work on making a difference and either get fired trying or help this company do better than ever before.” The agency I co-founded, The Woo, has found success by finding these types of people and partnering with them to do whatever it takes to achieve and exceed their goals.

I suggest working with brands that you have a vested interest in helping succeed. Perhaps it’s a restaurant chain that brings back memories of your youth or an apparel company that needs a new direction. Work with brands that want to make a difference, that share the same values and core beliefs as you. Interview them and boldly tell them what you would do if hired. You might be surprised by how much they love hearing what you have to offer.

In today’s digital landscape, the marketing industry is better positioned than ever before to drive deeper engagement and overall success thanks to smarter, faster tools. We can test our efforts where it makes sense and adjust until we find the perfect mix for any specific challenge. In this business, we’re able to bring fresh thinking and creative solutions to help clients achieve and exceed their goals at the highest levels.


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Meet Africa’s Lead Social Entrepreneur




Javnyuy Joybert is a Social Entrepreneur, Empowerment Strategist, Enterprise Development and Corporate Trainer/Consultant, Skills Development Expert and the Co-Founder/CEO of COSDEF Group which is an African holding Social Innovation Enterprise with 4 subsidiaries namely The Centre for Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa, Wikajobs Career Management Firm, COSDEF Mobile  Microfinance, Skill Study (E-Learning) and other initiatives which include Social Innovation Hub, Rural Driven Empowerment and Pan African Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship (PASEF)

Javnyuy is a certified trainer by The American Entrepreneurship Foundation (AEF) California USA, he is a highly sought after enterprise development trainer (Business Coach), consultant & speaker, author of several articles that have been published on several platforms & magazines across Africa. Javnyuy speaks in averagely 200+ capacity building workshops, conferences, corporate events yearly across Africa reaching thousands in the areas of enterprise development, corporate efficiency, process innovation, strategic execution & personal development. He is the author of one of Cameroon’s sought after personal efficiency book “35 Days of Re-Defining You for Success” and Co-Founder and COO of The 50 Most Influential Young Cameroonians Awards Initiative.

Javnyuy is a Member of the Global Youth Skill & Innovation Council, featured as the future leader of World Economic Forum Davos (Switzerland), Global Youth Ambassador, Motivating Africa Ambassador and alumni of the Cameroon Leadership Academy Fellow 2017

He has 4 years’ experience lecturing entrepreneurship, business management & marketing courses in two private universities in Cameroon that is International University of Bamenda and Impact Polytechnic Kumbo. 3 years’ experience training social entrepreneurship, organizational leadership and executive skills with the African Entrepreneurship Academy (AEA) Accra Ghana, 2 years’ experience training executive skills with Power & Wisdom Bible and Leadership Institute Buea, senior trainer & consultant with Vocational Center for International Development, Country Director Consultant, Head Trainer with Christian Life Training Organization, International Career Coach with MARLEQ. Javnyuy have offered hundreds of management and organizational leadership, corporate training programs, team building programs, talent development, work place efficiency skills, organizational productivity strategy trainings to several national and multinational organizations, government agencies, religious organizations, startups among others.

Javnyuy together with his close friend Agbor Franklen Co-founded AFA Designs Software Development Firm which focuses on developing innovative tech solutions for African businesses. AFA Designs have served over 100+ businesses across Africa in diverse sectors like E-Commerce, education, agriculture, not-for-profit, churches etc. Under the leadership of Javnyuy, the AFA Designs team is responsible for Afamuziq app (Download on play store) which is an innovative stylish music player, entertainment partner which gives you full control of your entertainment, enhancing your sound quality, let you share the song you listening with friends and loved ones, Stream favorite sound tracks (Audio and Videos) online, view on playing song lyrics, connects you to your favourite entertainment platforms and blogs with just a click, Mobile TV connecting you with your favourite stations on the go and just much more

Education & Professional Accreditations

Javnyuy has a well-balanced education credentials. He completed his Bsc program in Financial Management in International University Bamenda, he is a certified trainer by the American Entrepreneurship Foundation, Certificate program in Entrepreneurship & Leadership from YALI Regional Leadership Center Accra Ghana (Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration), Certificate program in Strengthening Africa’s Public Sector Human Resource Management from United Nations Public Administration Network, Certificate program in Advance Business Management & Public Service Governance from International Governance Institute, studied Entrepreneurship and Business in Clark Atlanta University, Georgia USA under the Mandela Washington Fellowship program, Lean Six Sigma from The Hudson Strategic Group and The Quality Group, Atlanta Georgia and currently undertaking a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with Rome Business School


Javnyuy have been featured on over 100 radio/tv programs and magazines across Africa including BBC World Service, Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV), 1000 African Voices on Channel Africa, HiTV Cameroon, LTM TV, Canal 2 English International TV, 7News TV, University of Ghana Radio, CBS Radio, CBC Radio, City Community Radio, Africa Business Communities magazine, Inspire 237 magazine, Jongo hub magazine, The Afrikan Legacy Magazine, Betatinz magazine, Konnect Africa magazine, Uphold Africa magazine, Her Business magazine Kenya, Africans Building Africa magazine among several others.

Awards and Recognitions

African Youth of the Year Award nominee 2016, Princess Kuja Recognition Award 2016, UK Base Kinnaka’s Blog Gola Project Award winner 2016, United Council for Youth Empowerment 2017 Nation & Continent Builder of the year award, Young Citizens Contributing Positively (YOCICOPO) award 2017, Voted among the 100 personalities inspiring Cameroon in 2017 by Inspire magazine, Queen’s Young Leaders Award Runner-Up Winner, Cameroon Achievers Award Entrepreneur of the week, profiled among the top 20 young CEOs inspiring change in Cameroon by Cameroon Achievers Magazine, 2018 class of 100 Most Influential Young Africans by Africa Youth Awards and nominee Digital Citizenship SDG Awards


Reach out to Javnyuy on or

Call: Cameroon +237 674949153

          USA +1 202 766 0280

Follow me on LinkedIn and facebook as Javnyuy Joybert



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