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Movement for Iamafropreneur

In a world where the qualified are kept at the back seat, career war and confusion is the mother of the day, poverty becomes an inevitable pandemic, unemployment gradually winning the war over wealth and happy living from the African communities and nation.

What do we do?

Like Martin Luther King said,
We have a dream for Africa. We identify Africa’s challenges and then, turn them into opportunities and create a system where entrepreneurs are born to create solutions.
We arise powerfully above our setbacks; we are the home for the 21st century’s most challenging African entrepreneurs.
We are Iamafropreneur.

Now! Why not take a walk with Iamafropreneur?!

“An inch of non-procrastinated movement will bring you closer to your goals than a thousand miles of intention”.

We seek to Inspire, Educate and Empower Africans to become innovators and entrepreneurs.

We aim at bringing to an end the illusion of dependence on the government for a lifetime survival. Yes! The Iamafropreneur movement is inevitably important for Africa’s economic development. Iamafropreneur is here to help you acquire in-depth knowledge of disruptive innovation and empty into you the ability to turn challenges into entrepreneurial opportunities, at the same time giving you and your business timely exposure.

That is not all,

Iamafropreneur as well brings to your awareness, knowledge on the newest trends in Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, that can advance individuals and Africa’s development. Not keeping you out of the most inspiring stories of greatly celebrated business heroes in Africa and the world.

We are here to assist you to build your passion, self-esteem, enlighten your inspiration, strengthen personal traits and self-beliefs, keep you motivated; courage to take the risk in your business ideas, to the point of income generation.

Watch inspiring stories below from our African Entrepreneurs controlling the world with Amazing innovations. Get inspired…

Are you an Entrepreneur?

Do you have an Entrepreneurial mindset?

How will you inspire your Generation?

Do you want Africa to look up to you?

Do you have a story to share?

Please, Join the movement for Iamafropreneur now…